Post Invoices into Freshportal

Unosof is able to push an invoice into Freshportal, in order that those don't need to get digitalized in FreshPortal as a purchase.

Setup FreshPortal Integration

Require to FreshPortal 1) a URL address to post to 2) a username 3) a pasword

Once that information is given, go to Accounting administration: index.cfm?event=LocalSalesTax.Form

Insert in this section, the data in the following fields of Florisoft.

FreshPortal Posting Verification

Once a PO gets invoiced in UNOSOF, the PO needs to get mailed out to the customer via the Multisent Email Module. In there you can verify if the posting got executed successfully or not. If FreshPortal states they didnt receive it, and UNOSOF did shown responce message RESPONSE: {"success":1}, please let FreshPortal contact UNOSOF to see how we can solve that between both parties. But, it's a fact, that FreshPortal did received the data correctly. However UNOSOF is always willing to help improving anything we can do on our end to help FreshPortal.

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