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This section contents how the labels in packing shows the info needed by ALIANZA LOGISTIKA / TRANSINTERNATIONAL cargo agency

FOB Incoterms

It contains the incoterms that the farm uses for the export of each purchase order. When FOB is selected, the special box label design will appear on the label of station 3 packaging.

Cargo Agencies

In this list you can select the cargo agencies that are part of the Logistika Alliance. It can be multi-selected, and if G&G is selected and coordinated in a purchase order, it will be part of the condition to show the special box label.

Trans Code Farm

In this field shows the two letters provider by alianza to identify the farm in the Alianza system in Quito and Miami. This section was previously working on Warehouses Settings.

Trans Box Country Codes

In this section can select the countries for show the labels, if a country is not selected should be not show the label, doesnt matter if the others filters are selected

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