Mix Box Management // Fix Problems

Sometimes, a bunch cannot be scanned, what are the steps to follow

Mix Box Management // Recipe Assignment.

Check if the recipe is assigned, and if so, is it the correct recipe?

Mix Box Management // Variety not present Recipe

Its possible that the packer at S3, tries to scan a variety thats not allowed to scan. You can add the variety to the recipe, or you can reprocess that variety into an SKU that requires that supply. The packer can easely check if the variety is allowed by opening up the recipe on S3.

Mix Box Management // Demand SKU Color

Does the SKU, thats in the box (being your demand) has the correct color assingned to it?

Example SKU: Red Roses 50cm 12st + 2 Gyp

The color for this SKU, has to be set as RED. That make the demand color is RED. In that way, the recipe assigned to the box with the alternative rules in it, will loop thru what the alternatives are for RED. However, If this SKU (Red Roses 50cm 12st + 2 Gyp) has a color WHITE assigned to it, the system will loop thru WHITE... and that color might be not be present in the Recipe.

Mix Box Management // Demand vs Supply SKU's

Check if the PO demand (Red Roses 50cm 12st + 2 Gyp) matches with the SKU you'd like to scan in the box at S3.

If the packed tries to scan Red Roses 50cm 12st, thats not the same as Red Roses 50cm 12st + 2 Gyp.... thats 14 stems in demand vs 12 stems of supply.

Any mismatch in stem count, packagetype and length can cause a conflict.

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