Incoterm Pricing

Here we explain how to upload the prices per unit for each Inco-term.

Go to Customers > Exportations > Incoterm Pricing

First, select for which Incoterm you wish to upload the cost prices.

After that, select the download format CSV (,) for English excel version and CSV (;) for Spanish excel version. Once you open up the file, you shall be able to enter in the prices in the column called Freight cost.

Do not delete any columns or rows, nor edit names or lengths from the excel file.

The items that require a price, come from the field Commercial Name in Manage products. Its possible to cluster many SKU's into one line item to price, learn more at Manage Products.

pageManage Products

Return to the Incoterm Pricing module and open your saved file, by clicking on the Choose file button in the upper right corner.

Upload the file to the system by clicking on the Upload file button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Once you processed the file, the system shall bring you to the following screen:

Here you can see an overview of the prices that are uploaded, and you have the chance to edit the prices before you start processing those in the database. If everything looks good, hit the button "Process File"

Once you processed the Inco-term prices, these we show up on the PO page in the column Freight.

We recommend to consider any non-flower cost as freight cost. Meaning: Fuel charges, Handling cost, any additional cost to keep your Miami operation with, is considered as freight cost. In that way, you shall be able to compare flower sales FOB UIO with FOB MIA.

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