Manage Product Api Mappings

This option helps to assign internal IDs of products(SKUs, Varieties) from other systems in UNOSOF.

Go to: Production/ Product Management/ Manage Products

Please, select the option Manage Product Api Mappings from the dropdown menu, and use the filters to narrow the search range for a quick response. Then, click Search.

Find each of the columns explained in the section below:


Product Codes // Holland Codes (for CSV invoice files)

Each variety and length, has a different Holland Code (also known as VBN codes), much used by Florisoft. These codes we can use for the Digital Invoice CSV file, which many European customers use. Map the codes in the filed and check if these reflect well in your CSV file.

Do only map the items that your customer buys, just makes it quick and effective to manage for both sides. however, the more you know & map, the better it is.

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