Customer Credits

Here we explain how to apply a credit note in your UNOSOF application.

Please go: Customers / Customer Service / Customer Credits

Remember that credits are to be entered, first, into the system, and then deposits can be applied.

On the following screen, type the invoice ID that you will like to give credit to. Then, click on the Select Invoice button.

The information about the invoice will appear on the screen below. Now that you have all the info on the invoice, please locate the Credit Unit and Credit AMT columns to proceed.

  1. Credit Unit: In this column, enter the number of bunches(Count) you will like to affect and give credit to.

  2. Credit AMT: In this column the total amount in dollars(Count x Rate) that you will like to give credit to.

For example: If the total of items is 3(count) and every item is worth $7(rate). Then, the Credit Unit will be 3 while Credit ATM will be updated to 21, automatically.

Note: The maximum Credit Unit and Credit AMT values are limited by the Count and Rate columns, respectively.

Once you have applied the necessary values, choose the date of the credit and click on Save Credit.

View Credit Notes

Please go to: Home/Customers/ Customer Service/ View Customer Credits

In order to look for customer credits, use the necessary filters like the date, invoice ID, customer or the credit reason to find a specific credit easier.

On the drop-down menu, you can also look for these other reports.

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