Blumen Gali

Blumen Gali Bunch Sticker Printing

This development helps the farm to print the Blumen Gali bunch sticker in the UNOSOF box packaging, station 3.

Please, follow the next steps described below.

Map your Blumen Variety Codes in UNOSOF

It's important to match the Variety IDs that are created in the Blumen Gali system with the Varieties created in the UNOSOF Manage Products table. It allows UNOSOF to call a variety of information from Blumen Gali.

Go to: Production / Production Management / Manage Products

Please, select the option Manage Product Api Mappings from the dropdown menu, and use the filters to narrow the search range for a quick response. Then, click Search.

Locate the column called ID Blumen Gali and insert the product codes from Blumen Gali in each Variety. Then, hit Save.

Go to the box shipping station and get into a PO content of Blumen Gali.

Locate the icon of a printer called PRINT UPC and click on it.

A pop-up will show up with the client's bunch of barcodes, from where you can print them.

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