Customer Mass Invoice

Here we explain how the mass invoice module works and we provide a descriptions of its features.

The customer mass invoice module is used to force the generation of invoices of more than one purchase order at the same time, that is, by selecting all the orders for which you want to generate an invoice with a single button.

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This module also allows us to filter the orders to be invoiced by start date and end date, sales representative, clients, cargo agency, markets and order status (all, invoiced, non- invoiced).

Please note that this module does not verify whether the order is confirmed, packed, prices set as 0.00, nor minimum prices before forcing the invoicing.

Orders can be selected individually or massively using the multiple selection button.

Se pueden seleccionar los pedidos de manera individual o también masivamente utilizando el botón de selección múltiple.

Definition of the colors displayed in the module.


If in the mass billing module, an order is gray, it means that an invoice has already been generated for that order, therefore, you cannot generate the invoice again through this module.

It is also possible to see a message in the selection column that says: INVOICED!

This message is displayed on orders already invoiced.


The rows in white indicate orders that are not invoiced nor packed yet.

In these orders, both the individual selection button and the mass selection button are available.


The rows with yellow denote orders that are partially packed.

As can be seen in the image, these partially packed orders can also be invoiced through this module.


The rows in green denotes orders that are fully packed and not yet invoiced, therefore individual and mass select buttons are available in the module.

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