Bouquet Station 3

This module explains the process of box scanning for farms without station 2 processes. Mainly, bouquetera farms fall into this group as they process inventory for sales on request.

Please go: Inventory/ Inventory Shipping S3/ Inventory Shipping

The following page will appear. Please, select the warehouse and the bodega .

Click on the yellow icon to proceed to the main page of the packing station.

The main box packing page displays as follows.

Bouquet Autopack Scanning Method 1

Please, locate the CAJA: filter and set the cursor in it.

Use the scanner to read the barcode located in the printed box label.

Once scanned, it will redirect to the content of the box.

Scan the box barcode one more time. The system will auto-pack the box by generating inventory.

Continue scanning the rest of the box barcodes, it will redirect to the scanned box content and auto-pack it, irrespectively to which PO the box corresponds.

Bouquet Autopack Scanning Method 2

On the main packing page, go inside a PO by clicking on the PO id number.

It directs to a new page. It presents an overview of the all boxes of a PO. Please, set the cursor in the CAJA ID: filter, and scan the box barcode.

The system will auto-pack the box by generating inventory.

A packed box will be colored in grey.

Continue scanning the rest of the box barcodes in the same field, it will redirect to the corresponding overview PO page of the scanned box, and auto-pack the box.

Unpack a packed box

To unpack the box, locate yourself on the PO overview page and press the box icon under the column UNPACK.

A warning message asking for confirmation pop-ups, please, click on OK to proceed with the unpacking process.

The system unpacks the box turning the box back to white color.

The unpacking process inactivates(deletes) all the inventory that was generated and packed in a specific box.

Note: Boxes from an invoiced PO cannot be unpacked. Therefore, you have to roll back the invoice first.

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