These integrations methods pass authorized SRI invoice Invoices, SRI Annulments, Deposits and Credit Notes. However, for Colombian farms, we overrule the authorized status of the invoices.

Method 1 - Excel File (CSV File)

This method generate an excel file (CSV) with the columns provided by Venture.

This method currently does not support deposit migrations, if thats wished: that has to be asked to Venture to add/develop. That means, if this method is chosen, all deposits have to be applied manually 2x (in Unosof and in Venture).

The nice thing about this method, is that it's easy to manage, at the end of the month (when the month is closed), it's possible to migrate a static result over and it gives a lot of control to avoid any differences between UNOSOF and Venture. Also this migration method is "light", a CSV file is a not a heavy migration file to generate. That keeps UNOSOF up and running smooth vs a web service (depends on how its configured ofourse) that calls all our data every hour.

Create Token

a) Generate an API key in admin

Go to ADMIN section on the system

b) Paste that api key to the end of the link with the following string: &apikey=439b5631-6e12-4464-b390-0044573c5abc

c) The venture files LINK are below for this method. The date should be entry in MM-DD-YYYY format.

Venture Invoices CSV



Venture C/N & D/N CSV


d) The venture files run with the API key generated (or given by your Farm)


The excel (CSV file) are downloaded after ran the link

Shows the Columns provided by Venture for this method, as a example show like this

Method 2 - JSON File - Single Specie (Roses)

This method works online JSON file for pass in a webservice

Venture Invoices JSON

We recommend to generate this file in Firefox, for a straight clear JSON format view.

Venture Invoices CSV Zona

Contents a separation and calculation by specie and farm:

Show a total of 116.00, and the composition is:


According to the SRI XML:

This same information is shown in the JSON migration link/file separated by spaces, lengths.

Some farms, with to see the results per farm. it's possible to add, but this does bring other complexities. dividing 0.01 cross 2 farms is 0.01 for both farms,... that 1 penny too much. To avoid that from happening, we'd like to work with more decimals, but still... rounding can cause problems.

Venture Deposits JSON

Method 3 - Excel file to Upload in Venture Directly

This method is used in Ecoroses

File is showed for download with this link

Important: The Customer in UNOSOF should be have the Venture customer code for made the integration. This code shows in the first column CLIENTE

The file contents columns specified by venture to upload in the module called VENTAS FLOR or VENTAS GENERAL. Can be different and depend on the farm

METHOD 4 - TXT to Upload Directly

This Method visualice online the preview of the data, next you can download the file to a TXT File

Important: The Customer in UNOSOF should be have the Venture customer code for made the integration. This code shows in the first column codigo_cli

We have additional links to show and migrate Data as:




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