Mix Box Management // create mix box

A Mix Box is a predefined box defined by different criteria like length, stems, package type, etc. that is associated to a color group recipe and assigned for a specific customer or group of customers

To create a new mix box, 3 steps should be followed:

  1. Create a Color Alternate Group

  2. Create a New Mix Box

  3. Synch the Mixed Box (Compulsory for Multi-app farms!)

  4. Set Customer to allow Autopack (optional)

Route: Inventory / Inventory Management / Mixed Box Management

Setup Color Alternate Group

To create a color group, click on the New Color Alternate Group button located on the upper left side of the page.

This will bring up the Mix Box Color Group Form

On the Alternate Name Tab, please type the Color Alternates Name and make sure the Status is Active.

Save the changes, hitting the Save button on the right corner of the page.

After saving, click on the Recipe Data Tab, to create the color recipe.

Here you set all the real varieties that can be packed as a specific color:

  • Choose a color, using the drop-down menu.

  • Select a product or real variety to assign it to that color.

  • Give the variety a priority number.

  • Click on the Add Button.

Build your recipe and when you are finished, click on the Save Button to save changes.

Do not assign one variety in more than one color group.

Setup Mixed Box

To prevent inventory issues, we recommend that Mixed Boxes are never created with the standard stem amount (25 st.) It is recommended for Supermarket Orders: 24, 12, 8 stems.

To Create a mix box, click on the New Mixed Box Button on the upper left side of the page.

This will bring up the New Mixed Box form.

Click on the Mix Box Data Tab, and define the characteristics of the mixed box.

Mix Name: Identify the mixed box with a name.

Color Group: Select a color group recipe. (As described in the previous section)

Select the Billing Customer and its Shipping Customers.

Select the farm or farms for this mixed box.

Select Box type, specie, bunch length, stem per bunch, package type, and cut stage.

After selecting all criteria click on Save.

Click on the Recipe Data Tab, to define the box content.

Select the product SKU (color SKU) and the quantity of it.

Hit the +Add Button.

After adding all products to the box.

Hit the button Save.

Click on the Color Group Assignment tab.

These is made to check the color group selected in the Mix Box Data tab.

Hit the button Save to save the mixed Box.

Synch the Mixed Box (Multi App Farms)

If your farm has multiple applications, please, refresh the page and search for your newly created mixed box. Then, press the SYNCH button. This action will synchronize the mixed box with the rest of the apps.

Sell Mix Box

Please remember that the creation of the Mixed Box is per client, so the client must be selected in order to see the created mixed boxes.

This part of the manual will guide the sales user in the process of selling a mix box via the Mix Boxed Management module inside the Unosof application.

That option has to be set to Active in the Accounting Administration section.

Please ask the system's personal of your farm to activate this option

If that option is disabled, the button will not work, so this option is really important to have it ACTIVE!

After this option is activated.

Please direct to the desire PO in which the Mixed box is going to be selected so it can be sold to a customer.

In the inventory section of this PO module.

Please direct to the Mixed Box List option inside the PO.

Hit the Refresh button or the (ALT+6) commands on your machine to load the inventory of mixed boxes.

After that, the list will be displayed with all the created Mixed Boxes.

Now please hit the button Swap in the PO page.

This will auto confirm the mix box.

So in the S3 they can process the packing of this mixed boxes.

For multi-ruc applications only:

Post-harvest has to indicate when they are done packing, ONLY then, the sales rep can hit SYNCH FM (farm to master).

After hitting the SYNCH FM.

They have to hit the button SYNCH STATUS in order to synch the status of all the boxes inside the PO.

If the boxes are packed the box color will change to grey, but if they are unpack the color will be white.

After that please hit the SAVE button in the left corner of the PO.

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