Post Harvest Practical Tips:

How to organize your inventory and processes around UNOSOF

Here is where we explain how to organize your cold-rooms, which policies you should apply and more practical tips for high efficiency rates.

Organization of your Cold-room.

1) Create beds of aging in the coldroom

2) Make sure that bed of the oldest bunches are close to the packing station (S3).That makes sure you don't have to walk a lot to find the bunches that are most likely to be sold first because of aging.

3) Most farms use color borders for their labels to identify a day process. Monday red borders, Tuesday Yellow borders etc.

Make sure that the labels face you, this gives you a good overview to see if the bunches are organized well by aging. The color borders of the bunch barcodes will instant catch your eye to find inventory with or to correct positioning mistakes with.

4) Position the lengths in the bed well, longest to shortest. This helps to find the correct length of the bunch the fastest.

S2 Labeling bunches

1) Never print labels for bunches that physically don't exist. 2) Do not place bunches in the cold-room without barcodes.

S3 Sorting bunches & Packing station

1) Sort the bunches and organize them well in the bucket. Its efficient to scan all the labels if they face you, therefor organize the bunches in the bucket well.

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