SRI Status Comprobation

This section will guide in the easy verification of the SRI server.

Sometimes it happens that the SRI server is down, so you can't send to authorize any invoice.

This is a problem from the SRI and it has nothing related to the Unosof platform.

Please to check the status of the SRI servers, go to the following link:

This link has to be inputted in the browser of the user's preference.

The user will see two messages:

The first message if the servers are OK and the other one if the server are down.

The message will explain the problem if there is one.

If the server gives an XML back, that means that the SRI server is up and stable.

But If the message says "Error" that means that the servers of the SRI are down.

If this color Yellow appears after pressing the S(1) button.

It means that the invoice is on its way to the SRI servers, but if this stays for a long time something most be going on with the UNOSOF servers or the SRI WEB Service Servers.

If the servers of the SRI are up, and the person in-charged can't send any invoice to be authorized in the SRI, please contact the UNOSOF team via the global chat to receive assistance.

Sometimes it also happens that the entire server of the SRI is down, so the users can also revise in this link:

In this case, all the servers of the SRI are working normally, no error appears.

But if this page works, it doesn't mean that the WEB SERVICE of the SRI servers are working, this is just another verification.

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