Search Invoices

In this module find easily any Purchase Order that is invoiced in your UNOSOF application.

From this page, it is possible to search an existing Invoice:

Home / Customers / Customer Service / Search Invoices:

Please inside the Customer Service section, go to the search invoices module and choose the desired filters for the search.

Use the filters Customer, Invoice number, PO Start Date or End Date and click on the Search Button.

The page displays the customer Invoices and details based on the filters or criteria provided.

View Invoices Details

  • Date: Invoice Date

  • Ledger: Records the accounting transactions of the invoice (deposits, credit and debit notes)

  • Invoice: Invoice number in UNOSOF. Clicking on the invoice number, will bring up the invoice format page with the invoice info. Here it is possible to visualize the customer and commercial invoice PDF, as well as other formats. It is also possible to email the invoice.

  • PDF: Opens up the customer invoice in a PDF format.

  • PO: Purchase Order number

  • 2nd PDF: Opens up option, lets you see the invoice in a Purchase order Format but you can also send the invoice to Excel and revise it.

Purchase Order can also be downloaded without Pricing in the No Pricing button.

In the PL section "Packing List" we get detailed information with barcodes of each order per customer.

The information shown in this section is really help-full if you want to know the aging of the bunches inside your invoice or invoices.

The last column that redirect you to another tab is the Credit column.

This option will take you to the Customer Credits section, and specifically of the invoice you chosen in the Search Invoices module.

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