Unused (Skipped) Invoices

This articles provides information on how to re use skipped invoices from the SRI Management module.

This module lists all the invoices that have been deleted from the XML, skipped and returned to the sequential, but it cannot be used since the consecutive was generated and it is not possible to auto-generate with the consecutive in question.

Re - Use Sequentials in an invoice to authorize

A skipped sequence can be assigned, as long as it is available in the module: Unused (Skipped) Invoices.

The only sequentials that will be displayed are the ones that were deleted or skipped on the day we set in the filter. If no sequence was skipped or deleted today, no data will be displayed in the search, and it will be empty.

We recommend filtering by the date of the "adding blank invoice" or deletion process was made, or filtering from an old date, until today.

Assign a Skipped Sequential to an Invoice

Step 1: Obtain the UNOSOF Invoice number (UNOSOF ID) that you want to process

Step 2: Identify the sequence skipped from the list: Unused (Skipped) Invoices

Step 3: Insert the UNOSOF invoice number in the field: USE FOR INVOICE ID ​ ​

Step 4: Press the green ADD button

The sequential disappears from the Unused (Skipped) Invoices report and will be visible in the main SRI page to generate and authorize the XML to the assigned invoice number.

Assign a Sequential to another Accounting System

A sequential number can also be assigned (eliminated from UNOSOF definitively ) to be used in another accounting system.

This is done by clicking on the OUTSIDE UNOSOF button, and if desired you can put a note or message in the NOTE field. ​ ​ ​

Additional information on using sequential data outside of UNOSOF can be found at:

pageInvoices Used Outside UNOSOF

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