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S3 Packing Station requires to know which varieties are assigned to the recipe in every mix box.

Checking Varieties Assigned to a Recipe

Go to: S3 > Enter to a Swap Purchase Order.

You can recognize these type of orders searching for an asterisk * in front of the Shipping Customer name.

Inside each Swap Packing box, in the right upper side of the page, the button "Recipe Assignment" will give the S3 Packing Station a quick overview of the varieties that are assigned to the recipe and therefore allowed to scan into the box.

In this case, for the SKU: CB RED 60CM N 12ST 4BRS (Color Red), the recipe assignment allow the following varieties to be scanned:

If Packing Station does not find a variety in the recipe assignment list, please contact the sales rep or person in charge, to add the variety to the recipe.

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