Reprocess Inventory

Here we explain the concept and functionality of reprocess management.

Reprocess Concept:

A reprocess requirement is converting SKU A into SKU B. That effect ONLY the supply balances. By adding SUPPLY of SKU B, demand that requires SKU B gets full-filled.

IF we would apply re-processed inventory to a specific box (demand), we would STIMULATE the sales team to reprocess SKU's to get they low prioritized box complete, while high prioritized boxes (demand) that require the exact same SKU stay incomplete. That goes against the philosophy of UNOSOF of automatic order fulfilment by priority.

If you require a reprocess from the SWAP page, or via the PO page, or via the Inventory Page, it's not automatically true that the supply of SKU B gets applied to your specific box (demand). The supply of SKU B gets applied to the Highest Prioritized Unconfirmed Box! If you want, that the re-processed bunch (SKU B) gets applied to YOUR specific BOX. Then please contact your sales manager to prioritize your box. In that case, there's a 99% change that the reprocessed inventory gets applied to YOUR box (demand).

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