Hotroom Exit

This is the page for exiting flower from the hotroom to the post-harvest.

1) Hotroom Exit Mobile

For the exit of the product using a mobile device (cellphone or tablet) + scanner, please go to the following page:

Home / Inventory / Inventory Hotroom / Hotroom Mobile Exit

Please scan on the Location Field the Position Barcode.

The user can select the exit reason from the dropdown menu and the number of baldes to exit, by typing the number of baldes on the Exit Count Column. Then, hit on the Save Button.

A confirmation message appears, click on ok to proceed with the exit.

It is possible to clear all the baldes in the location by hitting the "Exit All" Button.

1) Hotroom Exit

Home / Inventory / Inventory Hotroom / Hotroom Exit

On this page, please select the date from the product entrance.

The page will automatically display all the product that was entered on that date and that still is on the hotroom.

Please select the number of buckets to exit from the location. And click on the "Disk" icon to save the exit.

Go to: Hotroom Exits List to check the product exited from the hotroom.

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