PO's Color Codes

In Unosof the color codes are used to indicate the status of a purchase order.

What does each color code indicate?



Empty Purchase Orders, the Purchase Order is created but contains zero boxes.


Fully packed Purchase Orders: Bunches in PO = Packed boxes.

These PO's are ready to invoice.


Purchase Order which has zero boxes packed.


Partially packed Purchase Orders.

Not ready to invoice, unless the setting to invoice any PO no matter if it is packed or not is activated in the Accounting Administration module.


Purchase orders that are created as Standing Orders on the same day, Standing orders in general have a higher priority than open market orders.

This order type would take flowers from unconfirmed boxes with a lower priority, which can be against the rules. Therefore we color-code this order type.

POs in Dark Blue // Prebook purchase orders

Purchase orders flagged in dark blue are pre-book orders.

POs in Blue // Purchase order with Credit issues

Purchase Order in which customer account has been blocked due to credit term and/or -limit. These Purchase orders are not visible on S3.

This prevents the post-harvest would invest its labor and materials to pack boxes for a blocked client.

It's possible to unblock these clients by using the following module: Customer Behavior.

pageCustomer Behaviour

We recommend making only one person inside the company (GM, Sales Manager, Accounting Receivables) responsible for the process to unblock clients.

*Purple (Special Coded Color)*

This is the special color used for the orders that are going to be pre-packed.

These orders are going to be delivered days after but the sales department needs to pack the PO's asap because they use bunches that are going to expire (days of rotation).

So to make any order turn into this Purple color, this is the procedure to follow.

Any order type can be used, doesn't matter if is an open market, standing order, pre-book, etc. This feature works for all order types that are available in the system.

The person in charge of the coordination of the farm should first access the Airway bills Page:

Customers / Exportations / Airway Bills.

And select in the upper right corner the option "View Purchase Orders Warehouse".

Please select the desire PO that you will like to turn into the purple color.

Now click in the AWB column to input the following numbers:

999-9999 9999

Is fundamental that the numbers are correctly typed, if not the system will not recognizes the instruction and the color of the PO will not change into purple.

Please hit the Save button to proceed with the color change, the first place the color is changed is on the Airway bills page.

The color also changes in the Search Purchases Orders page.

And also the color is shown at the farm level in station #3, so the packers know that these orders will not leave today, these orders are pre-packs for futures dates to save bunches for expiring.

Color Purple in the S3.

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