Consumer Bunches

This module explains steps by step how to process bunches assigned with colors

Before stepping into the process, it is important to know some concepts for this module:

What is a consumer bunch?

Usually, clients tend to make purchase orders by colours instead of varieties. A consumer bunch or a colour SKU is a concept to define and sort different varieties of roses by colour.

For example, a client can ask for red roses of 60cm and 12 stems, then for those POs and the farm can pack different varieties of red roses such as explores and freedoms. Therefore, the farm should generate bunches with tickets labelled with color SKUs.

A consumer bunch has two SKU labels and one ID in our system. A real variety SKU which describes what kind of bunch the postharvest has processed and the color sku that describes the color assigned to that bunch.

and a color SKU. A color SKU shows the color instead of the variety in its label. See the example below.

Color SKU or Alt. SKU CB RED 60CM N 12ST BL Consumer Bunch Colour Centimeters Cut stage Number of stems Package Type

Real Variety SKU

Freedom 60CM N 12ST BL Variety Centimeters Cut stage Number of stems Package Type

Note: To have the Consumer Bunches module working, it is required to create Color SKUs, and therefore, new varieties for the compounds called Color Varieties or Non Real Varieties. Make sure your Color Variety and Color SKU is set as a non-real variety in Manage Products, it allows the product appears in the Consumer Bunches module.

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