Create Purchase Orders from Shopify into Unosof

It is possible to create orders from Shopify in Unosof.

To access this module, go to:

Bridges // Shopify Bridge

Upload Shopify Data

Depending on the access the customer gives Unosof, we can get the data via Webhook or Excel File.

In this case, we will upload the data via an Excel File.

Please click the Upload Shopify option on the upper right corner of the page and select the Upload filtered option.

Select the Excel File from your computer and click on OK.

This File needs to have a specific format previously given to Unosof.

Decode Shopify Data

Once you upload the file, go to the View Orders Details from Shopify drop-down menu to visualize your file upload.

The order you uploaded gets an Order ID assigned to it.

Unosof will decode the recipe string in the column Reference 1:

  1. Every product code has been coded in the system and linked to a product (GU_ID)

  2. Rules must be assigned to the decoding to translate the string into SKU recipes.

Create Unosof Order

Once you revised the Decoding of the file, go to the View Orders from the Shopify drop-down menu to visualize your file upload and create the order in Unosof.

Use the filters Start Date, End Date, and Order ID, and click the Search button.

  • Use the "Max Boxes Order" field to define how many boxes per PO you want to create. Example: You can file a file with 100 boxes and define 25 boxes max per order to get 4 POs.

  • Click on the Create Order Icon to generate the order in Unosof.

  • Click on the Delete Icon to delete the file upload. This is only possible before creating the order in Unosof.

Once you create your orders, you can visualize the Unosof PO IDs linked to each Shopify file upload.

Process the flower and pack as usual.

For S2: Use the consumer bunch module

For S3: It is possible to generate box labels with customer info.

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