Send or Post Dispo

Following up the previous module of View Dispo

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To send a dispo to your client, follow the next steps.

Note: Once you press on the below option of the column PRINT, the dispo is open. Then, you can copy it and send it the way you wish such as send it in a WhatsApp message.

Send via an Email

Place and click the blue button in the column EMAIL.

The below window pop ups. First(1), choose the customer you want to send the dispo to. Each customer at its creation sets its corresponding email. In case, you want to add more emails in the CC section(2). If you want to customize you email, you can do it in section 3. Finally, pres on Send Email button.

Send to Skype

Place and click the blue button in the column SKYPE.

A new window will appear where you can choose the client that needs to see the availability. To send the dispo, click on the Skype icon. It will send the link of the dispo.

The following warning appears, please, press on Open Skype. You will be directed to the SKYPE chat of your client. Finally, before you send the link, it is possible to customize your message.

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