Box Labels

The user can add box names, customer and PH messages.

In this section of the PO page, you can mass add the PH message, Customer Message, Box name.

To add this message massively please select the white box marked in green.

use the search field to mass select ONLY a search result. The search field can be used to find box id's, varieties, box names, customer labels, pricing, length, farm, etc. with.

After selecting the white box, please select the desired message, in this example we will use the Customer Message for all the boxes, you can also select a few amounts of boxes not necessary to choose all.

After adding the message please click the OK button to save.

Now all the boxes have the desired message.

Another option is to go to the Search Purchase orders page.

Look for the report Box Labels.

This report is more visual for the users but doesn't a mass option to had box labels.


  1. Confirm boxes WITH box labels: there is a chance that boxes get dispatched without Customer Box Labels in case the box is confirmed before the box labels are entered. Solution: Communicate with the packer to reprint the box label

  2. Invoice POs WITH box labels: there is a chance that the customer has received an invoice without Customer Box Labels references, in case the PO is invoiced before the box labels are set. Solution: Rollback, enter the box labels, re-invoice and resend the invoice to your customer.

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