Box Inventory

This Manual shows the process of creation of Box Inventory boxes.

First, we need to enter to Inventory packaging S2 / Inventory Packaging Pre-Print

We need to generate de S2 bunch stickers in this section.

This barcode needs to be scanned later on in the box

2.) Please direct now to Inventory packaging S2 / Inventory Packaging Boxes Scan

In this module, is necessary to create the box.

Please select the box type in the section BOX.

Click on the Nueva Caja to save the box.

Now the screen changes and is necessary to scan the bunches.

Please direct to the Bunch field to scan the bunches.

In the field below, a description of the bunches is shown.

Please click in the Cerrado button to save the box.

The saved box will appear in the Last Box column in the upper right side of the screen.

3. Active the box so it is visible in the PO page.

Please direct now to Inventory packaging S2 / Inventory Packaging Activate.

Select the desire location

Now please scan the box ID to activate the box.

The box will appear in this section

Delete the box and return the bunches to the inventory.

Box Inventory & Bunch inventory.

1) First set the warehouse location to box inventory

2) Run the inventory box script.

3) Set the warehouse location back to bunch inventory, to have both.


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