Sales Practical Tips

Here we explain how to use the PO page in the most efficient way possible.

Live Inventory

The live inventory shows the actual balance of the bunch inventory and is meant for the creation of Open Market and Pre-book orders with.

Any non-existing live inventory has to be selected from the product list. We recommend never to use the product list for open market orders. The product list is meant for pre-books and standing orders.

In order to get an accurate and fast result out of the "live inventory" or "product list", please use these filters to make your search window shorter. Every filter being set shrinks a search result which Its faster to pull up.

After selecting the desired filters, please use the Search field to find the specific SKU within the search result.

In this field, you can input many different aspects of the SKU's to be able to find them easily.

If your farm works with colors, this is the perfect filter to find the SKU's filtering in this field by colors, please take a look at the following example using the RED color:

Also, you can search by orders aspects that the SKU's contain:

Variety Length Stems Cutstage Package Type Warehouse


When you need to update the prices of any SKU please go to this option.

The list of all the SKU's that are in the saved boxes of the PO will appear.

To find a modify something in specific please use the Search field inside the pricing option. The function of this search field is identical to the live inventory. Meaning, you can search for: farm, color, variety, length, mixed, solids, etc. or any combination.

You can filter out by Box ID easily.

Just locate the Box ID# located on the upper side of each box, input that number in the Search field and all the SKU's inside the box will appear so you can modify the prices.

Also searches with Mixed and Solid Boxes can be made with this SEARCH option.

Box Labels (Customer message)

In this section of the PO page, you can mass add the PH message, Customer Message, Box name and also Delete Boxes.

To add this message massively please select the white box marked in green.

use the search field to mass select ONLY a search result. The search field can be used to find box id's, varieties, box names, customer labels, pricing, length, farm, etc. with.

After selecting the white box, please select the desired message, in this example we will use the Customer Message for all the boxes, you can also select a few amounts of boxes not necessary to choose all.

After adding the message please click the OK button to save.

Now all the boxes have the desired message.

Another option is to go to the Search Purchase orders page.

Look for the report Box Labels.

This report is more visual for the users but doesn't a mass option to had box labels.

Customer PO:

This option is used to make a kind of customer label, which is mostly used to link the customers to the Invoice ID to our Unosof system.

This message most be filled inside the Pricing option.

This message will appear in the Search Purchase orders and in the AWB coordination pages.

In the PO page it show's in the REF field.

And on the AWB page it show's also in the REF field.

Priority management vs Box changes

For any modification, we recommend using the SWAP page.

Via that method, we keep a reference to the old box ID and we keep the box positioned as it was placed original. In that way, we keep the previous assigned flowers being locked to the box.

If a box gets moved to the inside of the PO page (with the arrows) to center, and get re-saved, UNOSOF recognizes that as a new box. A new box has no reference to an original box ID. The effect is that the new box shall be placed into a new position in priority management page.

We strong recommend to never use these arrows. However, its not harmful if you work in original standing orders and its a quick way to modify a box composition. you can find these arrows in the PO page on the right side in the box list:

In the priority packaging page, the box ID's are being present as follows:

If the Box ID's are the same, no modification via the SWAP function took place. If the Box ID's are different, a modification via the SWAP function took place and the original box ID kept being assigned to it.

Compound Pricing Management

Compound pricing management is an efficient and reliable way of working with multi-compound SKU's

This option is used to show all the varieties inside the PO for the customer invoice.

Is the best option to obtain accurate data for the reports.

This function works for Bouquet Management.

This type of pricing must be managed via the creation of different type of SKU's.

Must farms show in the commercial name of the SKU, all the varieties included in the compound.

For example this SKU: BQT Art Rose 50cm N 24st 2bcs + 3GYP

In this SKU, we show 27 Stems in total.

24st of Art Rose and 3st of Gypsophila.

The SKU's must be created Multi-compound to work this way, this means that we can add 2 or more varieties to the SKU.

Adding prices (Compound Pricing)

Please create a new PO to proceed.

First, let's add a box that contains multi-compound SKU's.

Now that we have the box created, please go to the middle of the screen.

Select the Pricing and click in the Compound Pricing option to add the prices.

A new window will open, showing the amount, SKU's, and all the varieties inside the PO.

Please add de desire prices.

Click on the SAVE button.

After saving the prices, you can see in the general overall of the PO that the prices are correctly saved and match.

This Compound pricing will be shown in the customer and commercial invoices.

Use Last Pricing

It's possible to set the last pricing used for a specific product. If you hit the button Use Last Pricing, the system loops for the last invoice of the customer assigned in the current PO, searches for the product and set the price.

Example: the following PO has the customer Test Unosof with the SKU UNOSOF TEST 40cm 25St E B

Click on Use Last Pricing located on the bottom part of the page.

The system sets the last price, 0.91 USD per stem in the new PO(right had), used for the product UNOSOF TEST 40cm 25St E B in the last invoice 50082252(left hand) of the customer Test Unosof.

Extra Pricing Management

In this way, the SKU's must be managed in a single compound composition.

Please create a new PO to proceed.

First, let's add a box that contains Single-compound SKU's.

This SKUS has in their commercial name the varieties, but in the compound they only contain roses.

Now please go to the middle of the screen and click in the EXTRAS option.

With this option, you can add the prices of the Aditional extras that the bunches contain.

In this case, we need to add the prices of the RUSCUS and the GYP at 0.10 cents each stem per bunch.

This prices will only be shown in the commercial invoice.


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