Auto-Pack Function

This modules explains the process of the two different automatic packing options.

This option is used to pack boxes automatically without scanning the bunch IDs into the boxes.

The first step is the activation of the auto pack functions. Follow the indications of the below link.

Note: Once a client is allowed to auto-pack, all boxes of a PO skip confirmation and will appear in S3 -BOX PACKING/SHIPPING

After enabling the functions, please, revise the Inventory Shipping S3 module for packing. At the top part of the page, two new buttons should appear once get into the PO content.

There are 2 auto-pack options in the system.

Method 1: Autopack S3 (auto pack with existing Inventory)

Autopack S3: This option is used when the bunch IDs are generated in station #2, the system will take the generated IDs and pack them automatically in the box.

In case there are not enough bunches in the inventory, the system will pack the ones available only. Once the post-harvest process more bunches, you need to go to S3 and click again on the AUTO-PACK ORDER S3.

Method 2: Autopack S2 (Generate inventory and pack)

Auto pack S2: This Auto-Pack option generates new bunch IDs, and they are automatically packed into the box.

Once decided which auto-pack it is wanted to use, please, click on the corresponding auto-pack button.

Note: Click once and wait until the PO gets packed completely. It will appear as follows.

Autopack S2, is not meant for SWAP box PO's.

Method 3: Autopack S3 CB

This method is ideal for selling and packing Color SKU's (example: Red Roses 50cm 12st + 1 Gyp). Its designed to fully track the real varieties being used and where those are from (original warehouse). Meaning, we will be able to report: USD's and Stems per Variety per Farm.

Before this can be used, create non-real color SKU's in manage products and implement the S2 Consumer Bunch module.

This method can be used as well for selling Color SKU's from the product list, as with predefined boxes from mix box management.

As the alternative SKU (the Color one) demand and supply are 1:1 matching, the system shall auto-pack the box exactly as being indicated.

Ideal for boxes like these: White Asst 60cm. 1) PO: demand is White Asst 60cm 2) S2: we process White Asst 60cm > but we use the consumer bunch S2 station, therefor we know the amount of Tibet 60cm, Akito 60cm, Mondial 60cm being processed for this demand. 3) View Inventory: demand and supply and inventory is a 1:1 match, White Asst 60cm is required, we process White Asst 60cm. Therefor, we know exactly the process amounts. 4) S3: We can scan the colors, or auto-pack S3 CB the colors.

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