Assign Consumer Bunches

Let's assign the consumer bunch CB RED 60CM N 12ST 4BRS to the CB FREEDOM 60CM N 12ST 4BRS.

Go: Home/ Inventory Packaging S2/ Inventory Packaging List

Choose the ASSIGN CONSUMER BUNCHES from the drop-down menu.

Note: Before running the search, it is compulsory to choose the filters: length, quantity, and package type. Otherwise, it will not display the table.

Once set the filters, click on SEARCH.

In the column Alt, the one without any input is the one to be assigned.

First, check the small box below the column Assign?.

Next, on the drop-down menu located just above the table choose the colo SKU or consumer bunch that is being assigned to the real variety SKU. In this, select the color SKU CB RED 60CM N 12ST 4BRS and press on APPLY.

After clicking on APPLY, the message OK! will be displayed below the column Assign? meaning that has been set correctly.

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