Search Vendor Orders

On this module, search and manage Vendor Orders.

To view and manage the Vendor Orders, go to:

Home / Vendors / Vendor Orders / Search Vendor Orders

Use the filters: start date, end date, Purchase Order Id, etc, and hit the Search Purchase Orders Button to visualize the vendor purchase orders.

Clicking on the PO ID will redirect you to the Create Vendor Order form.

Management Tools

On this module, find tools to manage the Vendor Orders.


Select the Status of the order:

  • Pending: A pending vendor order, is an order that has not been confirmed.

  • Approved: An approved vendor order is a confirmed order. Confirmed orders cannot be modified. Approved orders can generate inactive box inventory which can be received at the farm.

  • Rejected: A rejected order is a deleted order. Box inventory from rejected orders cannot be received at the farm.

Generate Inactive Box Inventory

Generate Inactive Box Inventory from the boxes on the Vendor Purchase Order by clicking on the + icon.

This assigns inactive box Ids to every box and allows the generation box labels.

Click on the Search Button to refresh the page.

This will turn the line of this PO, yellow. This means the PO has inactive Box Inventory, but this product has not been received at the farm.

Generate and View Sticker PDF

Generate Box Stickers from the boxes on the Vendor Purchase Order by clicking on the + icon.

This generates the box stickers file.

To view the PDF file, click on the File link on the Sticker PDF column.

Move or Cancel a Vendor Order.

To keep track of what has been delivered by the provider, we show on the page a comparison of many boxes are on the PO and how many have been received.

It is possible to move the pending boxes to another PO. Move boxes by clicking on the arrow icon on the Move column and click on the Search Button to refresh the page.

Now, the PO is split in 2 POs. Look for the original PO ID on the Master column to keep track of the original order.

To cancel an order, hit the x button on the Cancel column. This changes the status of the order to rejected. Rejected box Ids cannot be received.

To print the Packing List, please click on the Printer Icon on the Print Column.

This will open up a page with the Packing List in PDF format.

Email Vendor Purchase Order

To send the Vendor Purchase Order via e-mail, find the Email icon.

Clicking on any option will open up an email form. It is possible to type on the body of the form.

Click the Send Email Button to finish the process.

The vendor will receive an email with the Vendor Purchase Order and the Sticker File attached as a PDF.

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