LAG Integrations

For the benefit of all, to standardize the industry, for efficiency and accuracy, Unosof has established integrations with Logistics Alliance Group for each farm we work with.

LAG Invoice Posting

LAG Boxes not recognized

Its possible that LAG does not accept the boxes at the cargo agency on the moment of delivery. The reason is that some box id's were not posted to them, and therefor unknown. If a box ID is unknown in their system, they shall not accept the box until its been posted.

LAG How to post a box ID?

First you have to known, which invoice corresponds to the box ID. Go to Search Purchase Orders and fill in the Box ID.

Enter the Invoice Form, Click on Invoice Formats and hit Post Alianza.

LAG Return Messages

When you hit post, you can receive two messages back.

1) Post successful!

That means, you have solved the problem. Now all your boxes are now known in the system of LAG and you shall have no problems anymore with delivering the boxes.

2) Post failed!

It can happen that the AWB / Invoice is closed, and therefor it is not longer possible to update any date via a post from our system. In that case, you shall have to contact LAG, in order that they re-open up the AWB / Invoice for posting, in order that you can re-post the invoice data (which contains the boxes). Its essential that you shall keep on trying to communicate with LAG, and try to re-post the data until you get a message back "Post Successful!".

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