Station 2: Inventory Packing

Is were the Bunch labels are created and the inventory goes life in the system.

Farm Level Application.

To access this section please direct to Inventory, Inventory Packing S2 and select the option Inventory Packing Multi

To enter Bunches into the inventory and generate labels from them.

Select the farm or post harvest where the processed bouquets come from.

Click on the computer icon.

The following screen is displayed where you must enter the information of the branch you want to label.

It should be taken into account that the date entered into the system is the date that the branch enters the inventory.

Click on Save (green).

The new codes will appear in the BARCODES part and will be printed automatically.

After pressing the save button.

A new code appears with the BARCODES section.

(Barcodes) with the precise information of the each specific bunch.

How to reprint a bunch level

To reprint a label that may have been damaged or probably loose.

In this mode you can change the Length and Original length in case an error was made will entered the bunch in the system.

The ID# must be entered in the ID section.

Press ENTER and the screen automatically turns (red) the new label with the same code will be printed.

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