SRI Blocking Messages

There are certain reasons why UNOSOF would not allow you to generate an SRI XML or SRI authorization for certain validation reasons. These messages could be configured as a warning, others we block.

SRI blocking // No tax applied

SRI blocking // PO value does not match the Invoice value (Red Lines)

Red Lines (custom rules)

Red lines are items that sit on a PO, but not in the box being packed. Our PO values, are calculated on whats inside the boxes, while our invoice values are calculated including all the items on a PO (even if those don't sit in a box). Red lines are not always an "error", there are items that people do want to invoice, without adding a box. Like Services, Thermometers, Box charge, Photoshoots etc, basically any service that has a relation with flowers, but thats not directly related to the UNIT (SKU).

Some red lines are harm full, and are a true error. Those we need to fix, before we SRI invoice to avoid difference in reporting in where we show how many stems and USD's we've exported / sold per variety, specie (thats gathered via PO data) vs accounting reports that are grouped by Invoice data (total, incl. services). What we always need to prevent from happening, is that a UNIT (SKU) that a bunch of flowers, does not end up in a box, that would be a true error that will cause many reporting mistakes. We capture those differences late, but on time. To add a validation code to our invoice script is heavy and complex, that shall be added to our code in the near future. For now, the most important thing is that we tackle the problem before SRI invoicing, which is where the controls are added now.

the exception for Red are SKU' that are flagged as services.

Red Lines // How to recognize

Run the link:

replace the FARMNAME with your own application domain name, the list that will show up, is a list with potential non-packed and non-service SKU's on the PO. This list needs to be attended, abd fixed.

Red Lines // Fix history // SRI Authorized PO's

Its possible that before we had this validation code in our system on our SRI invoicing process, some PO's passed the controls. In that case History Red Line PO's need to be fixed. A

We have two options to fix these:

1) process a anulacion of the SRI invoice, process a rollback, delete the red-lines from the PO page, and re-invoice.

2) pack the red-lines, and process possibly if needed/required a credit note. |If there is no option to process an anulacion of the SRI invoice, we need to generate the Units (SKU's) / bunches that are sitting on the PO and add those (pack) into an existing box ID. This process can only be done by UNOSOF, please contact us. After this, its a choice to apply a credit note, to bring the value down to where it should be been at for the customer. but the most important thing is that after this fix, the SRI value, the Invoice value and the PO value, all match.

Freight got applied, while that should never be invoiced by the farm (custom rules).

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