Create Standing Orders

This section will help you to create standing orders. A Standing order(SO) is an order that will repeat every certain period of time and will continue until it is changed or cancelled.


You need to consider that SOs have two divisions what is called Orgininal SOs and Replicated SOs.

An Original Standing Order or Orgininal SO is the base order that will be replicated every certain period of time. Note that you cannot use this to process a sale. In essence, it should not be invoiced or packed.

A Replicated Standing Order or Replicated SO is the order that originated from the replication of the Original SO. Note that this order is used to process a sale, and can be modified.

Go: Quick Menu/ New Quick Order

The creation of an

The following page will appear, this is the principal page to create purchase orders.

The first and essential step is to set some of the following information, on the middle-upper part of the page.

a. Bill Customer: Click on the drop-down menu and choose the desired client for the order.

b. Order Type: Select Standing Order as you order type.

c. Date PO: It is important to set a date prior to the present. Also, it is recommended to choose only one date for all your standing orders.

Date PO should not be greater than the year 2010 in a way that it does not affect the accounting and sales reports.

d. Date Fly: This section is set one day after the Date PO, automatically. Therefore, if the Date PO is established on 01/01/2010, Date Fly would be 01/02/2010.

Once the previous information is applied, click on the Save button, on the top-right corner of the page. This will generate a standing order ID.

Adding Boxes to the Standing Order

The following step is to focus on adding products to a box. On the left part of the PO page, place and click on the section Product List, which contains all the available SKUs.

Use the filters on the top to find any specific SKU, and click on Refresh(alt+2). It would display all the SKUs available based on the used filters.

Locate the SKUs that you want to add to a box and click on +(1). A pop-up will appear where you can set the quantity(2). Finally, click on OK.

The added SKUs will appear right after the click on OK. Repeat these three steps until you have added all the necessary SKUs. Next, you need to save the box by pressing the green SAVE BOX button.

Note: A boxed is saved when it appears on the right side of the page.

Next to BOX PACKING, place the PRICING(1) section. On STEM($)(2), you can set a price per stem then click on the green Save Pricing(3) button. Prices per bunch will be calculated automatically.

Refresh the page(Ctrl+R) to update the set prices.

If you want to add more boxes follow the same process.

Finally, place and click the button called Create So on the middle-upper part of the page.

Before pressing Create SO, please, verify the SO by checking the correct SKUs per box, all necessary boxes are added or prices are set correctly.

After pressing the button, the following page pop-ups. Fill in the information to schedule the replication and durability of the Standing Order. Click on Save and close the pop-up.

Refresh the page and the button Create SO will disappear meaning that the SO is added to the Standing Order List section and turned into the Original Standing Order.

Viewing Original Standing Orders

Go: Home/ Customers/ Sales/ Standing Orders List

Use the necessary filters to find a specific SO such as the ID order, customer etc. Once created the SO, you should be able to see it on this module.

Note that it does not mean that this Original SO is approved to be replicated.

Approval of New Standing Orders

On the same module, please, use the drop-down menu to find the Standing Order Approval Status option.

Remember to use the filter to find your SO.

The searched So will appear as Pending Approval in yellow, the SO is not approved which means that the SO is modifiable.

Below the APPROVAL PROCESS section, change Approved on the Status drop-down menu.

It will turn green to confirm it is approved. Now, the SO can be replicated.

Note: you cannot modify the Original SO once it is approved. The SO gets blocked.

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