Inventory Packaging Boxes Scan

Here we explain how to manage box inventory at the farm.

Setup Warehouse

1) Setup a warehouse to be a box inventory. Go to: Site Manager > Location Management > Manage Locations Enter the warehouse form.

2) inside the form, select the tab "Warehouse Settings", and select the unit "Boxes" at "Inventory Management".

Create Inventory

3) once the warehouse location for the boxes is been setup, we can start to create the actual inventory. go to:

1) select the warehouse thats been created for box inventory

2) enter the form to create a new box that you wish to add to the inventory, select the box type and click on the green button "Nueva Caja".

3) Assign the bunches to the box by scanning the bunches.

there is NO aging control if you scan the bunches. The reason is that farms mostly want to pre-pack Fresh bunches for Box Inventory Storage.

Only solid boxes can be generated with this module, its recommandable to create small (QB's) boxes of 100st only, those are easy to manage.

Its possible that "Hide zero day aging" is active, this will prevent the bunch from being able to scanned into the box. You have to deactivate this setting in order to continue.

4) once you scanned a bunch, it will show up on the form

5) if you made a mistake, you can delete the content by clicking on the button "Eliminar", this button will the delete the entire content of the box and you can start from scratch by re-scanning the bunches.

If the Content is good, then you can print out a box label by clicking on the button "Cerrado".

6) the box sticker indicates the following information: Bodega, SKU (content), # bunches x item (variety length), Box type, stem count and the box ID. The box ID is printed out really big, because this is the ID that we have to read with order picking.

Store the boxes physically chronologic by Box ID. 1041299, 1041300, 1042301 etc, in order that you can quickly find a box with order picking.

Delete Box Inventory

Ifs possible to delete an existing box out of inventory by unpacking the box. Go to the initial page and enter in the box ID:

by hitting the "Enter" button, you enter the box form, from there, you can delete the box by clicking "Eliminar"

View Box Inventory

Go to: Inventory > Inventory Packaging S2 > Inventory Packaging List And select the option "View Box Inventory" in the select box.

Use the filters to make a search selection, and click "Search. We recommend to use the following filters:

This page will represent a list all the boxes being generated.

Sell Box Inventory

Select in the PO page the correct warehouse, and put all the filters in All All All All, in order to see the available boxes in inventory. Hit the button "Refresh" to load the box inventory list.

The inventory will look as follows:

Confirm boxes

Selling boxes from box inventory do not require any order fullfillment process, the box is pre-packed. Therefor you can always confirm instantly the box you sold, but the box does has to get confirmed, to make sure that all the data (for instance shippign client) is revised before printing boxlabels.

Shipping Boxes (S3)

The box inventory ID needs to get assigned to the shipping label ID. The shipping label contains the client name, AWB info and Senae ID. In order to print those labels, the shipping page (S3) has be entered to the box inventory warehouse.

In the box assignment form, you have to print out the shipping label. On there, we show which inventory Box ID we have to grab. Its possible to print out 1 by 1 label, or all the label of the entire order

The shipping label will indicate, this INV BOX (inventory box ID) ID we have to pick from inventory.

if no box ID got assigned automaticly, its possible to make the assignement manually, this the button Reset Assigned ID button (the circle).

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