Pre-Authorization Modifications

This section helps to manage modifications on aspects of the AWB in each invoice before authorizing it to the SRI.

Go: Home/ Accounting/ SRI Electronic Transfer/ SRI Electronic Management

On the drop-down menu choose the Pre-authorization modifications option.

On this page, the user can change data that does not affect or is not required in the SRI XML such as:

  • Pesos (Gross Weight)

  • AWB (Airway Bills)

  • HAWB(House Airway Bills)

  • Fecha de Vuelo (Flying Date)

  • Airport

  • DAE / REF

In case the order has flown, this module also presents options to verify this section (BY). It is called flight verification, place it below the STATUS column and choose in the drop-down menu.

  • Not Verified

  • Verified

  • Did Not Fly

  • In- Process

  • National

  • NCA

Only the VERIFIED option will appear in the OE reports, SENAE, ECUAPASS

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