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The first thing is to choose which process is going to be done:

  • SRI Factura

  • SRI Guias

  • SRI Credits

  • SRI Debits

By default, the SRI Factura Generate/Sign/Send page will appear from the drop-down menu.

If you need GUIAS / CREDITS / DEBITS use the drop-down menu to open the corresponding pages.

Once decided the desired process on the drop-down menu, use the necessary filters to find the orders. Generally, searching through the date filters is recommended. When the desired orders have been identified, follow the below steps, please.‌

XML Generation and Signature Process

‌In order to generate an XML in Unosof we can do it in two ways:‌

First way: Generation one by one‌

Second Way: Mass Generation‌

Generation One by One:

‌First, it is necessary to identify the order.‌

In the XML column a small blue button, G (1), is shown. Please, press that button to proceed with the authorisation.​‌

The color of the order will turn YELLOW.‌ This color indicates that the invoice XML has been generated and signed, correctly, at the same time.

Below the XML SIGNED column, there is an icon verifying that it has been signed, otherwise it appears as PENDING SIGNATURE.‌

‌Finally, to send the XML to the SRI, please, go to the Stored Response Column and click on the S(1) button to send the XML to the SRI platform.​‌

After that button is pressed, the invoice should turn into a green color and the Status column will show the invoice as "Authorizado".​‌

Multiple generations of XML's

‌To generate multiple XML's files at once.‌

Check the small box next to the green GENERATE button located above the XML column.

‌All invoices or orders that are blank must be selected with the check-in blue, right next to the G(1) button, automatically.​‌

By clicking on the green GENERATE button, 15 XML invoices will be generated and mark in yellow.‌

If there are more than 15 invoices selected, left invoices will be shown in blank. Therefore, it is necessary to choose again other 15 invoices to send an authorized by signing.

This process is done in a way that if someone makes a mistake and try to generate all the invoices of the day, it does not cause a lot of trouble. The person can delete 15 XML invoices instead of 150 invoices, for example.‌

After generating all XML invoices of the selected dates, it should be displayed in yellow as seen in the picture.‌

‌Note: The system will automatically assign a sequential number according to the initial configuration delivered to the Unosof personal at the implementation of the project.​

Mass SEND of the XML to the SRI

‌This process works with the general SEND button that is located in the STORED RESPONSE column.‌

Once hit the SEND button, it will send the XML's every 15 invoices to the SRI platform.

Don't get alarmed!

Some invoices may continue yellow, this is not an error. It means that the SRI server is taking some time to respond to the authorization of the electronic documents.

Please be patient, as soon as the SRI server responds, the invoice will turn green.

‌If it is authorized to the SRI platform, the order will turn green, the SRI authorization number appears, and the STATUS column will be AUTORIZADO.‌ After authorization is made, it cannot be removed or modified.

If an invoice is authorised to the SRI by mistake, follow the steps steps of the following link:

Mass Print SRI PDF

On the same page, use the filters to display a search range that you want to print.

Below the GENERATE PDF button, check the small box, it will make all small boxes of that column check automatically. Then, place and click the pdf icon to mass generate a pdf file containing all the invoices.

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