Inventory Posting

Here we describe how to post inventory from Unosof to CFT

To post inventory from your Unosof application to CFT, please go to the Availability List module from your Unosof application.

Home / Customers / Sales / Availability Lists

Create an availability sheet. If you have questions on how creating a Dispo please check the following Link:

pageCreate New Dispo

Once you have created a new Dispo, please name it as CFT and refresh the page.

A 'Post CFT' Button will appear in your Dispo line. Hitting this button will send your availability to the CFT system.

The "Posting Day" field refers to the day you want to post the availability to CFT. 0 for posting today, 1 for posting tomorrow, etc.

The "Days in Inventory" field indicates how many days this dispo shows as available in CFT.

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