Customer Behaviour

This is a powerful module to mass-manage credit term and credit limit with.

Go to Accounting Reports > choose the report: Last Payment / Customer Behavior.

This report show quickly whats the status of each account on credit term and credit limit. If you would activate the credit term and/or credit limit control settings in admin, the accounts with a red cross would get blocked to sell at.

This report is heavy to run (lots of data to loop thru), use the filters well to get a quick result.

step 1) Can you quickly change the credit limit and/or credit term, or give the client an extension to his existing credit term (in days).

Step 2) Select the clients that need to get their credit limits and -term being reset. You can select specific clients, or you can use the function to select all.

Step 3) Run the script to update the credit limit and -terms with.

Days Remaining Alert Function

This page also contains some alerts to know which accounts are going to be blocked any soon, this helps to anticipate and contact the clients to pay, before their account gets blocked.

Once a client paid, it's important to manually reset the credit extension that you applied to the credit term.

This is a proposed, calculated value, being given via an Accounting Admin setting.

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