Send Statements

This module manages the mass emailing of Account Statements to the Customer. An Account Statement is the summary of all invoices and financial transactions within a period of time.

From this page, it is possible to verify an Account Statement and send it to the customer:

Home / Customers / Customer Service / Send Statements

From this page, you are able to search specific customers or groups of customers' statement using various filters:

  • Terms: Filters the customer statements according to the Billing Customer's Credit Term.

  • Markets: Filters the customer statements according to the Billing Customer's market.

  • Sales Rep: Filters the customer statements according to the Billing Customer's market.

  • Customers: Filters by a specific customer.

  • End Date: Cut off date for the account statement generation. The statement will include all open invoices until the cut-off date selected.

Clicking the search button will display the Mass Email Customer Statement section based on the criteria provided.

The visualization of the Amount Due column refers to the current balance until the filtered cut-off date. Any deposits, credit notes, or debit notes applied after the cut-off are considered in the calculation. Note that the unapplied deposits are not considered into it as those are not crossed with invoices.

In essence, what issued invoices until the cut-off date are still not paid as of today.

Select the statement or the statements you would like to send by clicking on each check box or select all using the Select All box in the table's header. It's possible to type in a short message that will be included in the email's body.

We only have one method to show our balance with, this method is using: APPLIED DEPOSITS balance. Its Possible that a customer has made a pre-payment, but also has outstandings. SOME statement formats, show that very clear for the customer, other statement formats, don't. To show correct balances, for some statement formats, its essential to apply the deposits, before sending out the statements.

Click on the Send Statements Button located on the right upper corner of the page to email the statements.

BCC Statements

BCC all Statements

It is possible to send copies of the statement mails to specific email addresses. Please, contact the UNOSOF team and provide the email addresses that need to receive a copy of every statement emailed.

BCC Statements per Sales Rep

Sales Reps are to receive a copy of emailed statements of their corresponding assigned billing customers. Please, make sure the email address is set correctly in the user of the Sales Reps.


View Sent Account Statements

From this page, search the Account Statements sent.

Home / Reports / Search Emails Sent

Use the send date and customers filter to find a specific email quick and easy. Select on the Email Menu: Account Statement Email.

Click on the Search email Button located in the upper right corner of the page.

This will bring up the Emailed Account Statements based on your search criteria. Here it is displayed detail information such as user that sent the statement, date, customer, the emails registered and the Subject of the email.

It is possible to see the Statement PDF, by clicking on the content in the Files Column (highlighted in blue).

The client statement format that will be sent to clients depend on the type of statement selected in the Manage Customers Module.

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