View Deposits

It explains how to view deposits within UNOSOF.

This is the primary page for viewing a deposit:

Home / Accounting / Account Transactions / View Deposits

From this page, you are able to visualize existing Deposits. Use the filters such as Date, invoice ID, Deposit ID, Pre-Payments, Customer, Sales Rep., etc. to find a specific deposit easier.

It is not possible to Edit an existing deposit. To correct a deposit delete it and apply it again.

To delete a deposit, click on the Delete Button in the last column of the page.

View Pre-Payments

To visualize Pre-Payments, go to the Accounting Report Module.

In the drop-down menu, select the option Unapplied Deposits. Use the filters to find a specific Pre-Payment easier and click on the Generate Report button.

The page will display the Unapplied deposit details, according to the filtered criteria.

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